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This interactive training has been developed by the Food Standards Agency primarily for local authority enforcement officers, but it might also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about food allergy.

It is an interactive online version of the Agency's update training for local enforcement officers who are responsible for food hygiene and standards.

The training material covers catering and manufacturing premises, so it is appropriate for officers responsible for food hygiene and standards.

It aims to:

  • improve awareness of food allergies among food law enforcement officers
  • enable officers to communicate five simple messages about food allergies during a food business inspection
  • enable officers to audit allergen control measures during an inspection
  • raise awareness of allergens as part of any hazard analysis system and to demonstrate allergen control that can be built into such a system
  • raise awareness of sources of information on food allergies

Each module contains several multiple choice questions. If you answer 85% of all questions correctly, you’ll be able to download a CPD certificate (equivalent to three hours for CPD) to certify you’ve completed this online training course.

For enforcement officers wanting Continuous Professional Development (CPD) verification, please email your details to the following address: You will need to supply confirmation from your lead officer for food that the training has been completed.

Make sure you provide:

  • your name
  • name and address of the local authority you work for
  • name of your lead officer for food
  • confirmation from your lead officer that the training has been completed

The Agency will then supply you with a CPD certificate to verify your successful completion of the training.