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It is important that customers are able to make informed choices when choosing products that may contain allergenic ingredients. All staff serving customers must be aware of the potential risks to customers' health if they advise them incorrectly.

If a member of staff is unsure of the answer to a customer's question, they must ask somebody who knows, or advise the customer that they are not sure and expect the customer to decide for themselves if they wish to make another choice.

The EU FIC requirements mean information on allergenic ingredients in non-prepacked foods is provided upfront in a written format (without the customer having to ask) or there is upfront signposting to where written allergen information can be obtained. However, the UK has introduced a national flexibility to provide allergen information orally. (Please note, where it is provided orally, there must be upfront signposting to how this information can be obtained. If a business chooses to provide allergen information orally, they must have a process in place to ensure such information is accurate, consistent and verifiable).