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What is CPD?

Professionals, such as local authority environmental health officers, use CPD (continuing professional development) as a means to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills needed for their professional work. Some professional associations require their members to undertake a minimum number of hours of CPD activity each year to maintain professional status.

To help with your training, each module has a test which can be accessed via the signpost on the module pages or the CPD dashboard if you are logged in.

Each module contains several multiple choice questions. If you answer 85% of all questions correctly, you’ll be able to download a CPD certificate (equivalent to three hours for CPD) to certify you’ve completed this online training course. To complete the tests, you will need to register below or if you have already registered, login using your details.

Step 1: Study the modules There are six modules to study, each with a test. These modules cover

Step 2: Register and complete test Once you have registered and are logged into the site you will be able to access the tests, either by clicking on the banner at the bottom of each module page, or via your CPD dashboard.